After completing its third test flight, the SpaceX spacecraft was destroyed upon landing on Earth.

The cruise ship flew around the globe for first time but lost contact in the final stages of its planned landing. After almost completing its third test flight, SpaceX’s Starship, which was the largest and most powerful rocket ever constructed, was destroyed upon its return to Earth. The system, which is 120 meters long and … Read more

With the New WhatsApp Security Label, You can be Sure Whether Future Chats with Third Parties are Secure or Not

With the release of new features and upgrades, WhatsApp is aiming to enhance user security. Meta purportedly introduced a new feature that exhibits encrypted user chats.   Chat encryption is a crucial component of any messaging app that ensures user privacy and protects chats. The chat encryption feature in WhatsApp is already present, and the … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo Wrote on X , to his Former Club Real Madrid on the Occasion of Anniversary.

In celebration of Real Madrid’s 122nd anniversary, Cristiano Ronald shared remarks on X, and  the othered Liverpool supporters won’t be liking the photo which also shared on Instagram. Al-Nassr has welcomed the 39-year-old player into their team after 20 years of playing football in Europe.   >Ronaldo wishes Madrid on anniversary >Club celebrating their 122nd … Read more

Shaun King, an American Activist, and His Wife Converted to Islam.

A Muslim community center facilitated the reading of the Kalma by the African-American writer and his wife in an online video that gained widespread attention.   On Sunday, Shaun King, a well-known African American activist and writer, converted to Islam at 2:30 pm in Texas on Sunday with his wife Rai, as seen in ‘a … Read more

A Cartoon Illustration is Featured on Google Doodle, Celebrating the Launch of the Flat White Coffee Drink.

People who love coffee should be pleased! The interactive doodle created by Google today is dedicated to Flat White, its delectable espresso-based coffee.   Find out the history of this favored beverage and how to observe Flat White Day. >Google’s Doodle, dedicated to the cherished Flat White, was a source of excitement for coffee enthusiasts … Read more

Akira Toriyama, the Creator of “Dragon Ball,” Has Died at the Age of 68 Years.

The “Dragon Ball” series, which produced highly successful films, video games, and TV shows, was created by Japanese manga author Akira Toriyama, but he died on March 8 in the age of 68 years.   A statement on the official “Dragon Ball” website by the studio conveyed their deep regret for some of his works, … Read more

The Creation of WhatsApp Stickers is Now Accessible on Android Devices.

WhatsApp users on Android devices can now use the create/edit feature to generate stickers from photos. WhatsApp beta version for Android includes a feature that allows users to transform any image on their phone into scribbled stickers. The sticker editor is already accessible on the iPhone, but it’s not expected to delay to become … Read more

YouTuber Jack Paul and the Former World Boxing Champion Will Compete Against Each Other in July.

Former world champion Mike Tyson and YouTuber Jake Paul will face off in a boxing match on July 20. It is uncertain whether it will be an official or exhibition match, but a live broadcast on Netflix streaming service in Texas is planned. Ryan Bourland was beaten by Paul, who is 27 years old, in … Read more

Third-party Services will be Able to Access Encrypted WhatsApp Chats, as Explained By Meta.

The end-to-end encryption (E2EE) offered by WhatsApp and Messenger will comply with third party chat requirements under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), as explained by Meta.   The European Union (EU) will implement the Digital Markets Act (DMA) on Thursday, March 7. The rule’s implementation will necessitate that Meta provide interoperability support, Work on WhatsApp … Read more

Today, Mexican Singer Lola Beltrán Marked a Special Event on Google Doodle.

A Google Doodle celebrating the 92nd birthday of Mexican singer Lola Beltran can be found on Google today (March 7). A woman with a large earring and long hair is depicted singing into percussion in the purple cartoon, as she gained worldwide recognition for her impact on Ranchera music. Google Doodles have been used for … Read more